DataTrooper - Finding, storing and analyzing job offer information collected from your industry, clients, prospects and competitors

"The detailed job database, for intermediary and consultancy firms in IT & Finance"

  • Collect detailed job data which no other application can. Stay ahead of your competitors with the latest tool in Recruitment and HR analytics.

  • For the first time you can select relevant jobs for your candidates based on unique requirements. Personality, Software XP and many more

  • No more global trends. You can now plot personal job market trends, just for your company.

  • Create new sales leads targeted on IT and Financial job opening by using the latest data available, updated every day.

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  • Follow companies of your interest & collect every piece of data from their job ads.
  • Active and historic data in your personal database for unlimited time
  • Setup email alerts and a personal dashboard, packed with leads
  • No duplicate jobs and no third party job offers.
  • And no implementation costs or training needed!

  • Starting at only € 121,- a month with unlimited users
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Collecting jobdata made easy

1 Collect the corporate job offer urls from your customers, prospects or competitors.

2 Upload these urls to DataTrooper– copy and paste or create an upload file.

3 That’s it! Let DataTrooper do the work and you will never have browse the internet for jobs or data.

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Why start collecting job data today?

Whether its for short term benefits - creating unique and actionable leads - or getting a beter understanding of your employment market.

Every day new jobs are posted and are closed. If you aren't collecting this data yet, you miss out on the most important data in your business! It's time to start collecting detailed job data, today!

Check out what kind of job requirements we store for you:
Uniform job titles per company, Education, Certificates, Software suppliers, Systems and Versions, Program language XP, Salaries, Personality, Skills, Experience level, and more..

Read how DataTrooper can help you, a few examples:

✔ You are an Accountmanager within the flex market:
Use the latest data to find leads, select jobs whitch match your candidates profile and prepare your calls and meetings with insight information. Instantly see which jobs are open, which are recently filled, re-opend and how long it takes to fill certain positions.

✔ You are a Salesmanager in the intermediary job market:
In this market, knowing exactly what your customers want is key. This same data tells you also how your own ideal candidates should look like, according to your customer requirements. All this information is available in your database.

✔ You are a Director of a consultancy or intermediary firm:
Facilitate your employees with the latest technology to support and increase sales. Because we collect information unique in this market, you are guarenteed to create an competetive advantage.

You can even use this data to create personal market trends for your company - discover new and upcoming job functions or disapearing jobs. It can make a difference to your strategic decisions.

Some of the feedback we received

❤Finding jobs not found on any other job search engine! - @ITrecr_us
❤ #They made big data collection on job offers real easy - @Bitto
❤ With the job offer information from my competitors I create more competetive offers myself - @Kruger_consulting
❤ #Dt gives me unique sales insights through their dashboard -@jimmy_sand

❤ I'm having more substansive contact with clients because of data from dt - @anthony,34
❤ DataTrooper became an essential tool for me in recruitment - @John-C
❤ Great value, quick support. - @JoyceS
❤ Knowing which software is used at which companies is #Awesome# -@ Employdata