General questions
By uploading urls to DataTrooper from the companies you're interested in, we collect all relevant IT and Financial job offers and store the details found in these vacancies. There is no need for you to check that site again, because we store it all in your personal database. Cool?

Step 1 is to setup your users and email notifications in the "Contact" section.

Step 2 is to upload the first urls to DataTrooper in the “upload” section. This can be either a file filled with urls or a single url (just copy and paste).

Step 3 That's it. We will start searching for jobs at night so come back the next day and check out the first results.

Make sure you read the questions and instructions under the Contact, Upload and Report section of this FAQ please.
Any questions? Please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possibly. Usually within 24 hours
Yes, although not for the trial period for which we charge € 0.01 cent (if applicable).
You will receive your invoice the same day as when your Paypal transaction will occur.
Please email us your VAT number for correct invoice handeling at
Subscription through Paypal is the only payment method accepted for monthly payments.
If you or your company do not have a Paypal account we recommend you get one, its free! You can either link your bankaccount or business (credit) card to it.

The second option is to pay an annual fee per bank transfer. Please contact us if you wish to use this option, because we have to activate your account manually in this case. We will supply you with the IBAN and bank details.
Yes, if you purchase an account you are able to share your account (and password) with as many colleagues as you want. But only within your own legal company.
Our model works with unlimited users - because its regulated by the number of companies you are following.
Reached your limits? please send us an email and will get you sorted.
At DataTrooper you can cancel your contract at any time. Whatever the reason. Go to your paypal account and cancel the recurring payment.
We will then deactivate your account before the next monthly billing period.
The main thing to keep in mind is that the vacancy can only be saved in your database if you upload the exact same url as you see it in your browser while you are looking at the vacancies.

Example 1:
I go to Here I can make more selections in certain fields to get to the jobs I want, for example department or location.
The url changes to
This is the url you have to upload to our website.
Example 2:
I registered at DataTrooper for Finance vacancies. I now go to All the relative finance vacancies are there, among other type of jobs and I can’t filter on Finance vacancies specifically
That’s oké, we filter out the ones you don’t want and only store the Finance jobs.

In order to upload your file you need to use you a .CSV file

If you have your Excel file open click “Save As” and choose CSV (Comma delimited).
You now have a CSV, ready to upload! Yay

If you encounter any problems during the upload, the first thing to check is if your list separator is a ; instead of any other symbol.
The easiest way to find out is to open your file with Notepad or Wordpad and see if your three fields are separated by a ; symbol.

You can manually add single urls (just copy and paste) or upload additional files.
If you accidently upload a (duplicate) url you can just delete it by clicking on the X. You can also modify its name and other free fields. If you wish to change the url, you will have to add a new line as this can't be changed.
We respect the business of other job search engines. As per our Terms and Conditions its forbidden to upload websites to DataTrooper which collect, show, promote or in any other way offer vacancies not being their own.
Contacts / Users
Within your company you share the same account credentials.
In the contact page, you can register all your colleagues.
When you upload the link of a companies' page, you select the colleague responsible for this account.
This is how all users can add their own customers and prospects and stay updated about their accounts.
When you setup a new collegue in the contact section, click the first checkbox.
With this option a user will receive an email as soon as a new job has opened for her or his customer.

Additionaly, if you like to receive emails for jobs which are open for a long time,
you can set the number of weeks in the next field. If you leave it to 0, you wont receive this kind of updates.
You can add a 'manager' or other person who is intereted in receiving summary emails.
This person will receive a weekly email with information about number of jobs which have been opened and which companies are hiring for example.
Go to the 'Reports' tab and make a selection in the date table (or not if you want to download everything).
Click on download as CSV at the bottom of the page.

Now assuming you open this file in Excel and you want this in a readable format to unleash a pivot table on your database:
In Excel, go to the ‘Data’ tab in the menu bar and select ‘Text to columns’ under data tools.
Then select delimited and hit next.
Then select comma (see below) as the delimiter and hit finish.

You can now save it as a normal Excel file and go crazy with a pivot.
Well, in a few cases it’s possible we can’t store a specific job due to technical reasons (I’m not going to bother you with those) but please check the following things:

Is the url still valid? If you go to the Reports section and click on "Uploaded urls", check of the status of the url is still active. If its inactive check the reason or upload an updated url.

If you want to double check why this job is not being captured please send us an email at We are always happy to answer your questions.